Thursday, June 25, 2009

Last Thursday Again, Holy Shit.

Photo Taken by Sarah Tisdale.

So once again the Polo Haus will present another last Thursday polo party in the street and dance party in the fun room. Party will start around darkish and run late i guess bring your own beer and dancen shoes. If you do not know where the Polo Haus is then to bad ask one of your cool friends they would know where the cool kids hang out. See you all tonight on the porch.


  1. Hey-
    Scotty from pdx Urban Golf. Do you guys have an email to get a hold of you o is this the best way?
    Working on a alternative sports art project and wanted to know if it would be OK to come by on Sunday and film you guys playing?
    I can tell you more...

  2. sunday parkway next weekend! July 18th!

    bring color shirts and a opaque drinking vessel