Sunday, June 7, 2009

Cascadia 1 2 3

so the final day of polo in Milwaukee was great team Show Biz Kids had a hard bracket to play in today but managed a second place victory in the COG Invitational 2009. but the top 4 teams had a cascadian polo player in it but the top 3 teams were all cascadia with the seattle team who picked up a canadian player alexis and the player brian from milwaukee who played with eric and i took secong and of course your ballz deep took first but they were amazing once again. all i have to say about this weekend is CASCADIA.

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  1. just as pdx did unto seattle, and east van unto pdx, so too will other regions eventually catch up and remind us that while we are skilled there is always a fresh faced team ready to challenge the top dog.

    But for the moment, yes please bask in the glory of cascadia.

    thanks for reporting drew!