Thursday, June 25, 2009

Last Thursday Again, Holy Shit.

Photo Taken by Sarah Tisdale.

So once again the Polo Haus will present another last Thursday polo party in the street and dance party in the fun room. Party will start around darkish and run late i guess bring your own beer and dancen shoes. If you do not know where the Polo Haus is then to bad ask one of your cool friends they would know where the cool kids hang out. See you all tonight on the porch.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

We need a new couch

Wanted new to polo haus couch the old one has been destroyed. If anyone may have a couch they are trying to get rid of that would be great the Polo Haus could really use it. Plus remember football season is just around the corner who wants to sit on our floor and watch football, BOOO.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Its all over now.

So the weekend is finally over all the people have gone home the Polo Haus looks like crap but thanks to our MKE guests for staying till Tuesday and making us all dinner and cleaning the crap out of the house thank you. There was a huge party Friday night and went all the way till 430 in the morning. Sat. games were great alot of crashing due to a large amount of sludge on the courts.

The results of the sat games are, First. Seattle (Soren, Seabass, leon)Second. Portland (drew, Eric, James(bc))Third. Portland (Brian, Jerry, ken)Fourth. Ballz down under (rory, peiter, Damon(malborne, aussi).

Sunday Results are First- Wheelie Mark(Portland),Drew(Seattle),Kenny(EastVan)Second- Kenichi(Portland),Nano(Seattle),Alex(EastVan)Third- Adam(Portland), Casey(SF), Pieter(EastVan) this is tiahs flickr of the weekend. there will be alot more photos coming in the next few days or you can always link in the comment section of this blog.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Polo Haus Presents Welcome Ass Holes Party

Friday June 19th the Haus will be presenting the welcoming party for all the ass holes coming down for this weekends polo festivities. The party will start around 830 and go till late. Polo in the street music and beer will all be present all night long.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

tomorrow night-Wednesday night June 10th at rose city, 62nd and Tillamook, aprox. 7 ish... be there or be a quadrilateral...or a triangle, whatever.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Cascadia 1 2 3

so the final day of polo in Milwaukee was great team Show Biz Kids had a hard bracket to play in today but managed a second place victory in the COG Invitational 2009. but the top 4 teams had a cascadian polo player in it but the top 3 teams were all cascadia with the seattle team who picked up a canadian player alexis and the player brian from milwaukee who played with eric and i took secong and of course your ballz deep took first but they were amazing once again. all i have to say about this weekend is CASCADIA.

Milwaukee Update.

Eric and i just finished our first day of polo here in the mother land of Milwaukee Wi. The weather was incredible the first two days of the trip then sat. turned for the worst and rained and also cold. lets hope today the weather stays up and we can relax and not get frozen watching games. all is good here and we will update after the games are over.