Monday, March 30, 2009

Lets get together and make some mallets

Dear readers we need to make some new mallets for polo seems to me that people are complaining that they dont have a mallet to play with these days well your in luck we are hosting a mallet making party on tuesday evening at the polo haus. all you need to bring is beer and hopeful ski poles we got most everything else you need on the mallet making list. hope to see you all there should be fun.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

New possible wed nite court

I went on a recon mission tuesday night out to the rose city park to check out the tennis court there. what i found when i arrived at 9 ish was two gentlemen playing tennis but they were not very good at all. the lights stay on till 12 and there is no houses within 100 feet of the court or at least out of shouting distance. it took me 24 minutes to ride my polo bike there from the polo haus doind a little dinking around on the way there. Here is a link to the park if you want to see a google map image of it,-122.598469&spn=0.000851,0.0018&t=h&z=19 the only real concern i have for this court is if it does rain before polo there the court will be very slippery do to the fact that no one uses the court very much. so next week on april fools day and my sisters birthday we will play out there to check out the court and see if we can get away with playing there. please let me know if you think this is a bad idea because i think its a great one and if you think its to far take the bus there i guess 24 minute rides are great. oh yah i am looking into a polo trailer one that can carry 3 to 4 bikes to and from the court that way wheelie can have a night off once in a while. let me know if any of you see one for cheap and we are still looking for a camera as well. now lets go play polo.l

Monday, March 23, 2009

Wow what a Sunday, we had a great turn out with new people and alot of regulars as well. The weather was great for the most part the court saw its self some hail along with thunder and lightning. Games were played from noon all the way to 7:30.

There were plenty of good games going on alot of self take outs I hope Jason is ok after that fall we had the return of Todd Danger back form vacation.

I am pretty sure this is legal. Great way to be a good sport Eric.

What happened to Wednesday Night polo

Where in the hell are we going to play on Wednesday nights. Another park with lights or a parking lot somewhere is there any ideas to where we should go. The Axles of Evil need a place to play wed. afternoons. We are looking into all new and old outlets to get this mission accomplished. 

Thursday, March 19, 2009

We need a new Wed. night court

Dear readers we are now in the time of year when we have to fight the tennis players for our courts. So what i am asking is i need your help all of you to find  a new wed night court to play on. Please everyone help the Axles of Evil find a new weeknight court. anything helps.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Axles of Evil Team Nights

This is a posting for a good night that everyone who wants to work on there advanced polo game. i am thinking of a weekday night some time 3 to four times a month when we get together and talk polo and practice polo make plays formations whatever the hell we want and i am also looking for places to do this as well let me know i do know that PSU will start games up pretty soon and they play tuesdays at there tennis courts i like to go to that and help them out let me know comment i need your help to start a team night.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Polo House Clean-up

We got a visit from the landlord today. He was not happy. The pump track has to be leveled, as well as the yard totally cleaned up. We're gonna need lots of help as he gave us two weeks to complete, or we get our final notice. How about tomorrow, Saturday we have a work party and get this going. This is not something we should put off at all.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Axles of Evil shirts are in.

Just picked up a bunch of new fresh off the press Axles of Evil shirts. The shirts are all olive green with your choice of one of four color ink. They are going for 10 bucks and will be on sale all weekend long or till they run out. Get them now really soon they will go fast.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The schedule for the weekend

Friday: Polo Haus 5416 ne 14th place Portland, OR 97211
8 PM - polo in the street, pump track in the back, and music in the middle
WELCOME TO THE OBPC's Presented by the men of the polo haus.

Saturday: Pier Park
7 AM - meet at court to assemble the boards and resweep the court
9 AM - registration opens to everyone - $10 a head / $30 a team
10:30 AM - registration closes and tournament rules are reviewed
11 AM - first games begin
6 PM - its almost to dark to play - alternate ending location if needed
6:30 PM to ??? - breakdown/cleanup of event location
8 PM - Drinking and shenanigans, location TBA

Sunday: Alberta park
8 AM - meet at the court to setup for days events
10 AM - first of the finals games starts
we play till there are no more games to be played.

Side note to all participants
-Please bring a cup or bottle to put your beverages in due to park police and city police. There are restrooms open at pier park which MUST be used by everyone. They are located a distance away but the park is beautiful so enjoy the ride.
-There will hopefully be food/drink on both days for everyone.
-Please remember you are visiting the NW and it still is winter time and we get rain here alot. Please bring dry clothes and a rain jacket/pants/socks. We want you to have a good time not a wet time.
-Thank you all for letting me know you are coming. I hope this schedule will help alot of you all out - see you in a few days!

Thanks you so much
Polo Haus