Wednesday, March 25, 2009

New possible wed nite court

I went on a recon mission tuesday night out to the rose city park to check out the tennis court there. what i found when i arrived at 9 ish was two gentlemen playing tennis but they were not very good at all. the lights stay on till 12 and there is no houses within 100 feet of the court or at least out of shouting distance. it took me 24 minutes to ride my polo bike there from the polo haus doind a little dinking around on the way there. Here is a link to the park if you want to see a google map image of it,-122.598469&spn=0.000851,0.0018&t=h&z=19 the only real concern i have for this court is if it does rain before polo there the court will be very slippery do to the fact that no one uses the court very much. so next week on april fools day and my sisters birthday we will play out there to check out the court and see if we can get away with playing there. please let me know if you think this is a bad idea because i think its a great one and if you think its to far take the bus there i guess 24 minute rides are great. oh yah i am looking into a polo trailer one that can carry 3 to 4 bikes to and from the court that way wheelie can have a night off once in a while. let me know if any of you see one for cheap and we are still looking for a camera as well. now lets go play polo.l


  1. cool. the grounds keeper of that golf course is possibly the biggest asshole in portland, so I beg all of you to go pee on his greens and kill his fucking grass.

  2. it was excellent. the new court is a ride away, but its mostly though the rolling alameda ridge