Sunday, August 16, 2009

Thank you all for another wonderful Sunday Parkways

This goes out to all the players and spectators who came out to Col Summers park today to play and watch polo for the South East edition of Sunday Parkways. It was a wonderful time for everyone alot of smiling faces, cheering and heckling. There is word of a possible 5 days of Sunday Parkways next year and that means more days of polo for the community.

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  1. yalls looked good out there. sorry i missed the 2nd half.

    I just got this email, expect SF polo playa tomorrow!
    I play polo down in SF. I'm coming up to Portland this week for a conference. If you guys are playing your regular Wednesday eve game at Alberta Park, I'd love to come play. Oh yeah, do you think there'll be extra mallets around I can borrow? I'm thinking they won't let me take mine on the plane. I can use anything, although I'm partial to the old-school black-ABS style myself...

    Thanks, and hope to catch up with you guys Wednesday,

    hope to see you there ben