Thursday, May 21, 2009

arbor lodge vs rose city

so what court do you like better? rose city has lights on later, arbor lodge dosen't have holes around large portions of the court. Where do you want to play?


  1. i like to mix it up. a couple weeks here, a couple weeks there...

    hell it is almost staying light out late enough that we could play at alberta if we used both courts.

  2. even on June 21th, it gets dark at 930,and I don't think it would be a good idea to fuck with the court on the west side of Alberta. Lights at Arbor Lodge go out at 1030, and Rose City at around 12. Maybe we should start earlier than 730.....

  3. yup i just noticed how they repaved the west side court.

    i vote we do it at alberta and start earlier and we invest in a shot clock or something. we need to find a way to encourage people who are thrown in to actually play, as in, if they are not on their bikes 60 seconds after the toss they can be bumped or something. I would probably never get to play again as it takes me 2 min to find a bike.

  4. phil you need to get your own frickin bike fo sho